EventBus 3 beta announced at droidcon

eventbus3-registration-perf-nexus9mDuring my talk on EventBus 3 at droidcon Berlin, I announced the availability of EventBus 3 beta on Maven central. To use the new annotation based API, use the following dependency in your Gradle script:

compile 'de.greenrobot:eventbus:3.0.0-beta1'

And if you want to make things real fast, include the optional annotation processing in your app project (not suited for library projects):

provided 'de.greenrobot:eventbus-annotation-processor:3.0.0-beta1'

The annotation processing during build time speeds up the 1st time registration of subscriber classes by building an index. The graph shows the resulting speed in registrations per second (higher is better). Compared to EventBus 2.4, it is three to six times faster.

More details are available in the EventBus 3 slides (PDF download).

6 thoughts on “EventBus 3 beta announced at droidcon”

  1. Hi, can you provide more details on the chart? There are literally no labels or indication of what is better or worse.

    1. When adding it to gradle make sure you have no space in
      provided ‘de.greenrobot: eventbus-annotation-processor:3.0.0-beta1’
      between de.greenrobot: and eventbus 🙂

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